Extracurricular activities at the Coast

If you are eager to learn more about the marine environment and the wildlife while having fun, our dedicated team have put together half-day activities combining leisure with knowledge!
Here are our half-day packages that you can book on your chosen days during your stay.

Snorkel along untouched coral reefs
We are lucky to have beautiful hard and soft coral reefs with an amazing array of fish and invertebrates that can be sighted when snorkelling. Choose between a shore or boat snorkel on Chale Island, or visit Diani’s sandbank!


Glide through mangrove forests
Hop on a boat to visit the mangrove forests of Gazi Bay and learn how these unique plants can withstand life in such a salty and muddy environment. We will explore these ecosystems on foot or by boat to find out which species make up these forests and the huge number of animals that they support, both above and below the surface!


Discover the weird and wonderful rock pool inhabitants
Did you know that some species can withstand the extreme environment of rock pools? Changing temperatures and salinity, along with crashing waves and the need to hide from predators make this a unique ecosystem to study. We will look at the amazing adaptations of these species to survive here!


Learn all about sea turtles
Two of the seven species of sea turtle are commonly sighted around our resorts. We will visit any current sea turtle nests and hear about the work of Diani Turtle Watch, and try our hand at identifying sea turtles as individuals with the Olive Ridley Project sea turtle database!


Find out how to fight marine pollution
After a fun and interactive presentation about marine pollution, get ready to roll up your sleeves and grab a bag to go to the beach and remove any trash, then segregate our collection and then play the trash degradation game. We will also visit the onsite Trash to Treasure workshop with plastic and glass upcycling machines!


Private guided tour of our Marine Education Center
The visit of our Diani Turtle Watch Centre and all its exhibits will be followed by a fun and interactive presentation on a topic of your choice from sea turtles, whale sharks, and cetaceans, to the importance of our oceans or the threats they face, accompanied by exciting worksheets.


Meet the cute Colobus monkeys
Look up in the branches and you will probably spot Colobus monkeys, as this is where they like to spend their days. Easily recognizable by the white fur surrounding their face and their long white tail. They are an endangered species, due to rapid habitat loss and poaching.


Encounter a rich wildlife during a forest walk
Around our resorts, we are lucky to have not only an incredible ecosystem in the ocean but also on land. Join our forest walk to encounter a rich wildlife.

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