Giveaways of our sustainable ‘treasures’

At Sands at Nomad, we have been increasingly aware of sustainable practices. Among our green approaches, we have developed a farm, using permaculture principles, we help protect the local environment and wildlife, and we strive to recycle and upcycle plastic waste.

As part of our recycling practices, over the past year we have collected chipped but perfectly usable crockery such as plates, bowls, saucers, platters… Earlier this week, we have decided to give them away to the Kebene Children’s home in Diani, a shelter caring for street children and orphans. Together with the crockery, we gave them some passion fruits from our private harvest.

The second giveaway of the week was our home made, foot-operated hand wash unit, given to the Colobus Conservation, a non profit organization protecting primates such as the Colobus monkeys.

Finally, we have also donated 720,000 bonga points to Together with Diani, a mutlicultural volunteer group supporting the most vulnerable households at Diani Beach. Bonga points is a loyalty scheme for all Safaricom PrePay and PostPay subscribers. Our donation allowed the group to buy 4,500 kg of maize flour, which have been distributed to the most needy.

In a world were disposable has unfortunately become normality, here at Sands at Nomad we do our best to recycle and give objects a second life! And we are happy to sometimes share our sustainable ‘treasures’!

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