Teppanyaki at Nomad

The traditional Japanese style of cooking known as teppanyaki transforms dinner into an occasion. Combining simple ingredients to create fantastic flavours that entice the senses, teppanyaki is cooked on a large hot plate, at the diners’ table.

The new teppanyaki station at Riva’s, allows our chefs to prepare your dishes in front of you, where they can show off their flair and you get to enjoy the freshest flavors straight from the traditional grill. Teppanyaki is the perfect addition to the fabulous dining options available at Nomad, along with Nomad Beach Bar, Indulge Fine Dining, and the traditional Riva’s menu.

The menu offers diners the freedom to choose and create their own perfect dishes, as you can choose between fresh locally caught fish, beef, chicken, and a wide range of fresh vegetables from our very own farm.

An evening of teppanyaki is an evening of entertainment, as well as great food, and should be on your must-do list for your next visit to Nomad Beach Resort.

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